Pears! Pears! Everywheres!

Sunday we picked 2 large boxes & 1 bag of beautiful organic pears from the tree at the Library Community Garden!

We delivered the largest box to the Crossroads Urban Center today and they were extremely thrilled! – the 3rd bag went to one of our branches with Derek.

We’ve been talking about these pears all summer, waiting and waiting until they were finally ripe enough for a climb up the ladder. Who knew we’d get so many?
-Darrah and SC

Squash Time!

After much anticipation, our winter squash is (more than) ready to be harvested! Some of them are huge, as above, but size is not, in fact, the most telling sign of a winter squash ready for the pickin’.

You want to look for a hard brown stem. Green stems mean their still growing, but a dried up stem means “pick me! pick me!”

You learn something new every day.

-SC and Bryant

(photo credit: Barbara)

Real Gardeners…

Real gardeners trade Sunday morning lie-ins for hard work and sunshine

(They also stop to smell the flowers)

Real gardeners are proud of even the tiniest harvests.

(And proud enough to go shirtless, too)

Real gardeners are not quite sure what to do with so many tomatoes…

(But they’ll figure something out)

Real gardeners stock up for the week, with plans of grilled eggplant and basil salads, homemade pasta sauce atop roasted spaghetti squash, and steamed vegetables for days.

They spend Sunday nights in the kitchen, pots and pans clanging, making a week’s worth of from-the-garden meals.

They marvel at friends who go out to eat all the time.

(Though they used to do that, too)

Real gardeners could never go back to life without a garden, without fresh produce, hand-picked, and time spent laughing, gossiping and toiling away with friends.