Love and Tomatoes: A Natural Combination

Love and Tomatoes: A Natural Combination

In August 2011, we were fortunate to experience the inspiration of Jeremy N. Smith when he came to speak and share his story of community building in Missoula – as part of our ongoing Authors Live Series at The City Library.  His book “Growing a Garden City” inspired our library staff and our community to strengthen and build community through urban gardening.

I recently reconnected with Jeremy (who continues to live and write in Missoula, Montana) and he shared this article in High Country News with me about two of our favorite things: love and tomatoes.  Love and Tomatoes: A Natural Combination

Enjoy! ~DLR


Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Library Community Garden (“LCG”) is to provide a way for library
staff to participate in Community and Urban gardening, to help raise awareness of
the benefits and rewards of Community-based gardening and to use the positive
experience of the Library Community Garden to promote the Garden City Project
and its Committee goals at the Salt Lake City Public Library.

Also: have fun, grow things, eat things, hang out, make new friends.